Terry McMahon

Lead Singer

Gregg Saxonis


Don Rowe

-Lead Guitars

Vince Heyser


Mike Knarreborg

Guitars/Background Vocals

In the late 80's right thru to 1997 The Wait rocked music venues and nightclubs all over the Orlando and Florida Music Scene with their own brand of original Power Pop Alt/Rock.


All the while recording an extensive body of work, headlining their own shows and opening for National acts like The Romantics-Foghat, 24-7 Spy-The Byrds-The Untouchables....

The list goes on and on..........




Secret Recipe: "How To Bake An Original Rock Band In The Late 80's"
  1. Take 4 musicians living near Boston in the late 80's- Make sure each are equally disgusted wth the 'silly souless priss pop music' of the day masquarading as "Rock" & place them in a cold warehouse.
  2. Boil on high for 6 months with writing and rehearsing.
  3. Then toss them immediately into a van-tell them to drive south with no particular destination-no way to ever return home........add 1 pound of organic moxy and liberal amounts of raw love for playing their own music.
  4. Then SHAKE them-fight them-kick them-steal their equipment-record them-arrest a couple of them and then..........stir.
  5. THEN POUR them into the early 90's music scene in Orlando......ONLY THEN can you serve a unique original band called "The Wait".

This is

their story...

But alas...all things must pass as they say.....

                                                          ......at least for a little while                   


"This Is Where My Heart Goes"



The Wait disbanded-but always remained close.


Each went on to other equally

cool bands and successful projects:


Terry joined Real Cool Traders-where he met the extremely versatile Randy Cook-The Wait's most awesome newest bass player-recorded 2 albums together-one with national distribution.


Don became a most sought after guitarist and writer and producer for many artists-and also formed the band 'Glimmer"and played with the ever popular "Songs For Fey"-now The Actomatics!  Don currently plays with "Black Top Blues Band" where he met and recruited the truly talented Mike Knarreborg-now the Wait's 2nd guitar and background vocalist.            

Gregg went on to play with Florida favorites "Sons Of Doctors" and toured with National artist "Floyd Miles" among a ton of other groups of all varieties.

He too is a sought after session drummer.


And now THE WAIT welcomes Vince Heyse on Bass!


But this story isn't over just yet..........


Because The WAIT! is coming..........Back!


And they've vowed to be

more kick ass than ever.

 Or why even do it as they say.



Reunion 2020.





For a short period of time
The WAIT! is coming 
to a venue near you.

Don't miss these shows as they will be the last ones you will ever see...

because then The Wait will finally be over.


Bookings/Media Call
TalentGate 855-248-5757
OR Use Contact Field Below
"Let's Stay In Love"
New Single.
Just Released! #4 National Rock Chart ReverbNation!

Paul Schiebold

Background Vocals/keyboards


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