National Small Business Marketing Association


"We Are A Modern-New Generation Of Business Association & You're Going To LOVE

What We Can Do For Your Small Business! 

The ONE Marketing Association That Gives Small Business & Independent Entrepreneurs

The Things They REALLY Need To Survive & Thrive...

RETAIL PRICING PROTECTION:  Association Members Save Up To 85% Off Of A Huge Array Of

Done For You Marketing Services & DIY Tools-From All Things Digital To Offline/Traditional. 

*Our Members Can Save Hundreds To Many Thousands A Year!  NEVER Pay Retail Again. 

100% FREE MARKETING RESOURCES: Each Month We Add NEW & Exciting 100% FREE Cutting Edge Marketing Resources: Our Members Use To Help Skyrocket Their Businesses.

Live On Demand Expert Help:  Our Members Can Get FREE Expert Advice-Answers To Marketing Problems-"How To" Solutions & More At The TOUCH OF A BUTTON. 100% FREE As A Member. 

Masters Of Marketing Education Center:  Our Members Get FULL ACCESS To Our In Depth And Resource Rich Marketing Education And Strategies Center-Specifically For The Small Business Ecosystem. Access Ahead Of The Curve Marketing Strategies, Reports, Analysis, Proactive WEBINARS & WORKSHOPS, "How To" Video Library Tutorials, Daily/Weekly Winning Ideas & So Much More!

ONLINE Members Benefits Platform: Starting Saturday Oct 31st, 2020 Members Will Log Into Our

Advanced & Easy To Use Member Benefits Platform TO ACCESS ALL OF THEIR Member Benefits 24/7 365 Day A Year!

"Starting Monday Oct 31st 2020 American

Small Businesses & Independent Entrepreneurs

Can Get A TRUE Partner In Recovery: The NSBMA"

Don't Miss This Amazing One Time Opportunity:

 In Celebration Of Our National Launch Saturday Oct 31st, 2020:  We Are Giving Away: 

300 FREE FOR LIFE Association Memberships-Full Access! 

NO Monthly Dues Required-NO Credit Card Required-


Tuesday Aug 25th 2020!

Get Your FREE FOR LIFE NSBMA Association Membership NOW & Then On Satirday Oct 31st You Will Be BAble To Log Into Our Awesome Members Benefits Platform To Access ALL Of The NSBMA's Groundbreaking Benefits And Resources. DON'T WAIT-Get YOURS Now While Still You Can Free For Life:

Just Look At The Powerful Advantages You Will Now Have As An NSBMA Association Member

24/7 365 Day A Year:


MEMBER ACCESS To Powerful Done For You (DFY) Critical Marketing Services Of All Kinds For FAR FAR BELOW What The Open Market Charges Everyone Else.

(Up To 85% Off For Association Members!)

Done For You Services Like: SEO, Organic Search, Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing Promotions, Web Development-Web Marketing, Lead Generation, Offline Marketing And SO MUCH MORE.


MEMBER ACCESS To State Of The Art Do It Yourself (DIY) Marketing Tools-Software-Resources For FAR FAR LESS Than What Everyone Else Has To Pay-

Up To 80% Off For Association Members With 100% FREE Resources Added EACH MONTH! 

Do It Yourself Resources For: Lead Generation, High Response Tools, Email Marketing, SEO, PPC, Organic Search, Social Media Marketing, Local Market,  Interactive, Mobile Apps, Ecom, Web Dev-Web Marketing, And SO MUCH MORE-With FREE Resources Added Each Month As Well.


MEMBER ACCESS To Masters Of Marketing Education Center:

TRULY Game Changing Up To Date Marketing/Business Development Education Resources And "How To's" To Give YOU The  Strategic Advantage!


24/7 MEMBER ACCESS To Our LIVE "Instant Marketing Answers" Expert Chat Service! Direct Help/Advice-WEBINARS-WORKSHOPS & MORE. 


MEMBER ACCESS To EXCLUSIVE ADVERTISING FLASH SALES: All Kinds Of Advertising Opportunities At Up To 70% Off-Local-National-Regional Association Negotiated Members Only Rates. Including CO-OP Advertising.

Plus Exclusive Members Benefit Pricing & Access To Important Business Services: Merchant Accounts-Business Insurance-elecommunications-Group Telemedicine-Office Supplies-Legal Services-Business Funding And More!


MEMBER ACCESS To Our Association Member Benefits Platform Where All Of Our Services-Tools-Resources-Expert Help & More Are Accessed At The Touch Of A Button....


Plus! Monthly "Marketing Core Power Pack" Included 100% FREE

Association Members Will Receive The Following  Software Services Completely To Use 100% FREE:

  1. POWERFUL Advanced Website Builder!

  2. CRM Project Hub!

  3. SEO Snapshot Service!

  4. Ticket Hub Support Desk!

  5. PINPOINT Retargeting Software!

  6. NSBMA Form Builder!

  7. Mobile App Builder!

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National Small Business
Marketing Association:
Toll Free

Local Businesses-Regional Businesses-Online Businesses-Independent Entrepreneurs-

Marketing Managers-Consultants-Affiliate Marketers-B2B & B2C-"Hybrid" Businesses-Solo Marketers

Our Mission For

American Small Businesses

Exactly How We Can Help

Your Small Business


Of National Business Association.

You see we DON'T just sit around offering 'networking opportunities' or ' discounted business luncheons' or an 'association magazine that members can advertise in,' which, let's face it, for decades has been the norm of what most business associations offer their members.

The NSBMA is much more.

We Provide Our NSBMA Members ACTIONABLE PRO ACTIVE Benefits & Resources, Done For You Services And DIY Tools and Resources FOR FAR FAR LESS Than What The Open Market Charges Everyone Else. Including Expert Advice, and FREE Resources Each Month That Our Members Can Access 24/7 365 Day A Year.

OUR PASSIONATE MISSION is to give small businesses, of all kinds, a HUGE strategic advantage they may never have had before:

  • ACCESS to Marketing DONE FOR YOU Services And DO IT YOURSELF Tools And Resources FOR FAR FAR LESS than what the open market charges everyone else. Thereby saving our members hundreds, if not many thousands of dollars a year, in order to help their businesses thrive & survive.

  • Access to State Of The Art powerful marketing technologies most businesses don't even know exist.

  • Access to REAL WORLD Expert Advice.

  • "Instant Marketing Answers" LIVE Expert Chat Service, "How To' Webinars & Workshops...

  • Along with FREE resources our members can use each and every month as well.

  • All of it easily accessible from our NSBMA members platform.

We believe THAT'S what a modern business association should do for it's members.

Member Benefits Platform

Launch: OCt 31st! 2020

Members Hub Platform: ALL ACCESS

Starting Tuesday Aug 25th, 2020 all NSBMA members will have full access to our new "Member Success Benefits Online Platform"!

This new platform is where you will log in and can EASILY ACCESS ALL OF THE MEMBER BENEFITS that The NSBMA has to offer.

ACCESS to all of our Done for You and Do it Yourself Marketing Services, Tools, Technologies, Resources offered to members for FAR BELOW what the open market charges everyone else (up to 80% off), INCLUDING FREE Member Resources that we add each and every month.

ACCESS to our MSRs (Member Support  Representatives to assist you with any questions or needs that you may have.

ACCESS to our Member Success Education Center.

Up to date video tutorials, information on all facets of marketing your business in 2020. INCLUDING member webinars and marketing "How to" Workshops.


ACCESS to our "Instant Marketing Answers!" Live  Expert Chat Service!

ACCESS to the Members Lounge Area: Podcasts, Motivational Resources-Planning Resources. "What's New At The NSBMA?"


And More..................


Be Sure To Check Out

"What's New & Happening"

In July On Our

Member Home Page Below: 

NEW Member Benefits

NEW Resources & Tools

Covid 19 Recovery Resources

Brand New Member Learning Webinars 

5 Steps To Plan Your Business Recovery

And Relaunch!

1. Plan your liquidity weekly (or daily)

If you have not already done so, prepare your 12-week cash flow model today. Update it daily. Build in best–case, medium and worst–case scenarios, and understand the underlying drivers.

2. Evaluate and (re)negotiate terms, contracts, and strategic partners, vendors, loans etc for up to 6 months out IF POSSIBLE. Get as much breathing room as you can. Evaluate all of your critical vendors and strategic partners.  Will they be around next month? Stock up on key items, but also have an alternative ready should that chain dry up temporarily. 

3. Seek non-traditional financing sources

Seek non-traditional financing sources. Even if you do not believe you need it now, consider getting the extra cushion to provide you peace of mind. Consider SBA Disaster Loans-State Funding-Short Term Loans


4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Whether it is with your bank, your investors or employees, now is the time to dispel panic.  Let them know the thorough measures you are taking to plan and prepare. 


The goal is to INCENTIVIZE, INSPIRE, AND TO MOTIVATE your customer, new and old, to come back NOW to do business with you. REMEMBER, the goal is not to solve YOUR problem or crisis, the goal is to solve THEIRS! Make your plan BIG, PASSIONATE, and COMPELLING.

Getting Ready For YOUR

Post Covid 19 Comeback NOW!

Exactly Why You Should Join

The National Small Business Marketing Association

The NSBMA helps to save it's members save HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars a year, by giving them access to so many of the critical marketing services, online marketing tools, advertising software and resources they need to thrive and survive,

for FAR LESS then what the open market charges everyone else, up to 85% off or better, including FREE resources added each month as well.


Combine that fact with Live Expert Marketing Help and cutting edge educational resources, and you'll see WHY the NSBMA is the one business association

you should join this year.


ESPECIALLY NOW WHEN WE CAN OFFER YOU A FREE FOR LIFE  FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP. Because NOW MORE THAN EVER American small businesses need a true recovery partner-a partner that pulls it's weight-a partner that brings something to the table.

Because now more than ever...time and money are your most precious commodities and you can't afford to waste either of them.

The National Small Business Marketing Association.

IN ADDITION To Getting Up To 85% OFF Of Vast Array Of Important Done For You & DIY Marketing Services, Tools And Resources, Masters Of Marketing Education Center and 100% FREE Resources Each Month-PLUS OUR LIMITED TIME "Free For Life" Association Membership: ALL MEMBERS ALSO RECEIVE:

"Marketing Power Core"

7 Online Software Services Package-

Easily Worth $210.00 Per Month For All

($2,400 Per Year) 100% FREE!

You Will Receive Our "Marketing Power Core" Software Package Which Gives You 7 Monthly Software Subscriptions COMPLETELY FREE. That's right...100% Free To You As A Valued Association Member. Nothing To Download-All Software is Cloud Hosted! Normally, You Would Pay Easily An Average of $30.00 Per Month For Each Of These Services, But As A Member You will Pay ZERO.

A True Savings Of $210.00 Per Month ($2,400 Per Year).

These Critical Services Will Be Available To You Whenever You Need Them.

AND THESE ARE NOT SOME LOW QUALITY FREE TRIAL CHEAP SOFTWARE EITHER! Each Service In The "Marketing Power Core" Package Are FULL ACCESS Enterprise Business Grade Software Services.





NSBMA Ticket Support Desk:

NSBMA Retargeting Hub:

NSBMA Super Forms:

NSBMA To Be Determined:

  • Local Businesses-Brick And Mortar

  • Online Businesses

  • Offline Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing

  • Independent Entrepreneurs

  • eCommerce

  • Hybrid Type Businesses

  • Business To Consumer Companies

  • Business To Business Companies

  • Network Marketing Companies

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Consultants

  • Regional Companies

  • Home Based Businesses

A "Sneak Peak" Into The Members Benefits Platform

Starting Monday  25th 2020 the launch of our Member Benefits Success Platform!

Exclusive Done For You High Response Social Media Management Services To Help Double Your New Customer Reach Up To 70% Less Than What It Costs Most Everyone Else.

Easy To Use DIY AND DFY Tools, Software, & Strategies Designed To Double-Even Triple New Customer Reach-Many at RATES FAR BELOW WHAT THE OPEN MARKET CHARGES-Including FREE Tools.

DRAMATICALLY Reduced Rates On Many Critical Marketing Services & DIY Tools For: SEO, Search Engine Rankings, Social Media Services, Local Market Promotions, SMS Text, Lead Generation, High Response Tools, Email Marketing, High Response Web Commercials, Including Offline Marketing: Direct Mail, Print, Radio & Local TV, And More...FREE Tools As Well

How To" Resources, Live Webinars/Workshops, Tutorials, FREE DIRECT "Live Instant Marketing Answers Mentoring Service-" ONLY FOR MEMBERS.


5 Things You Can Do NOW To KICKSTART Your Business After The Covid 19 Crisis Has Passed...

3. Increase outreach volume, but say something meaningful

This is not the time for generic “here’s what we’re offering this week” emails. Connect with your customers on a personal level. Offer to help manage their changing needs in a new online-only environment. Stay relevant and your message will be read!

2. Go after market share!

Most of the biggest players in your space – the ones with high overhead and low margins – have slowed their businesses to a crawl while people (both employees and consumers) are forced to stay home. They’re spending less on research and product innovation, which means you should be ramping up.

1. Optimize your consumer contact list (and expand to social media)

Sure, most of your customers use email and are checking it more often now that they are stuck in their living rooms or makeshift home offices. But they are also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Association member HUGE discount pricing and access to:

Domain Registration- all kinds






and so much more.

Basically anything GODADDY has SO DO WE

but at EXCLUSIVE Members Only Benefit discount pricing!

Our Member


Our NEW Members Only

web tech store is opening!


Take advantage of low advertising costs

An economic downturn doesn't bring down the need to advertise but will bring down ad prices. Based on supply and demand, now is the time to talk to your ad rep and get a deep discount on your spend.

An economic downturn doesn't bring down the need to advertise but will bring down ad prices. Based on supply and demand, now is the time to talk to your ad rep and get a deep discount on your spend.

The Reason Why...

Who Should Join The NSBMA?

MAJOR Strategic Advantage To
NSBMA Association Membership:

Something To Consider

Major Association Benefit

Members Benefits Platform

Members Only TECH Store!

Featured Services-Tools-Resources


Full Redesign-Upgrade & Rehabilitation Of 4 Existing

Social Media Platforms For Your Business!

(Facebook-Twitter-Instagram & YouTube or Linked In)

"Soci-REHAB" is the NSBMA's Ala Carte' ONE TIME DFY service for it's members.

Most marketing companies would only include this as part of a larger service you may or may not need.

But here at the NSBMA , for our members, we can get it done for you and give you 5X's The Value For At Least 70% off what it costs everyone else on the open market:-)

NEW Done For You

Marketing Services

"Post Enhance" Done For You Service will SUPER CHARGE your Facebook Promotional Posts and make then instantly stand out from all of your competitors posts on a mile! AND THAT MEANS increased engagement and customers-Get Up To 5X's the response! 

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't give you the ability for any kind of post or ad formatting in your text/image posts.

This leaves every post rather bland and like a run on sentence.

They simply blend into the woodwork as it were, of everyone's elses posts and ads. 

​​UNTIL NOW...for FAR LESS as an association member!

Member Benefit:
Up to 70% Off
What The Open Market
Charges Everyone Else
1. Local Super Prospector
Amazing Software. Super Charge Your LOCAL Marketing. Create & Target NEW Customers QUICKLY. Syrocket Response! 
80% Off For NSBMA Members!
Member Benefit:
Up to 65% Off
What The Open Market
Charges Everyone Else
2. AdvertSuite! - Syndication 
CUTTING EDGE Hosted Software. Instantly Research ALL Of Your Successful Competitors Social Advertising Methods, Metrics and more.
A MUST HAVE Business Intelligence Tool!
75% Off For NSBMA Members!
And So Much More Inside........
And So Much More Inside........

"ASK M.O.M!"

Summary Of NSBMA Association Member Benefits

As An Association Member You'll Be Able To Access Done For You DFY Services AND Do It Yourself (DIY) Marketing Tools & Resources For FAR LESS Than What They Open Market Charges Everyone Else, Also Including FREE Member Resources For:

Social Media

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For  All Things SOCIAL MEDIA For Small Businesses!

Search Engine

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For  SEO-SERP-PPC-OnSite

 For Small Businesses!

Web Marketing

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For Web Marketing For Small Businesses!

Offline Mktg

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For  OFFLINE Marketing For Small Businesses!

Other Member Benefits:


You'll Find GREAT NSBMA Marketing 'How To's"

For Small Businesses!

Expert Help

You'll Find The NSBMA "Instant Marketing Answers" Live Expert Chat Service FREE

Planning Tools

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For  Web Marketing For Small Businesses!

Offline Mktg

You'll Find NSBMA Resources For  OFFLINE Marketing For Small Businesses!

"ASK M.O.M!" 

LIVE Expert Instant Answers Chat Service from The NSBMA!


Coming in July!

30 Minute Power Learning Webinars

in July!

Learn About RETARGETING ADVERTISING For Your Business! 

You will learn HOW TO use and set up Retargeting Campaigns for Social Media, Google Ads, and alot more. YOU WILL ALSO LEARN that if you're NOT using retargeting methods you are leaving up to 50% of NEW BUSINESS on the table! THIS is an EYE OPENER. Recorded Webinar! Watch at your leisure, BUT WATCH.

(All webinars/workshops can be accessed inside the Members Benefits Success Platform)


Learn how to market your business without fear of losing your shirt. Learn how to BETTER PREDICT marketing/advertising outcomes.

Learn how to win when everyone else if freaking out!

(All webinars/workshops can be accessed inside the Members Benefits Success Platform)

NEW Member Benefit!

The NSBMA is proud to offer it's members access to one of the most trusted Telemedicine Plans in The country. AccessADoctor is EXTREMELY affordable and has a plan for singles OR entire households and businesses.

Log in and see details!

  • Unlimited Medical Doctor Consultations-Licensed Physicians 24/7/365-Nationwide Doctor Access Whenever YOU Need It.

  • NO Co-Pays/NO Fees

  • Care Navigation Advocates

  • Specialists Also Available! Message a Specialist - Consult with specialist via Secure Messaging

  • 2nd Opinions

  • Prescriptions sent to pharmacy of choice electronically*

  • RX Savings Program

  • ALSO Mental Health Specialists 24/7/365 Access to Master Level Therapists & Counseling INCLUDED

  • Plans cover EVERYONE in Your Family/Household

  • & More!

Members can access plans for themselves their families along with business GROUP RATES for their businesses!


And NEW DFY Services Like:
And NEW DIY Services Like:

What sets the NSBMA apart from any other business association in the country is that IN ADDITION to giving it's members access to all of the marketing services, tools, resources at rates FAR FAR BELOW what the average open market charges thereby saving them hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars a year, is the fact that the NSBMA has ONE OF THE MOST ROBUST AND CUTTING EDGE MARKETING EDUCATION CENTERS available anywhere. 

If you're in business then you ALREADY KNOW that the ONLY REAL KEY to success is that "he or she who has the most current knowledge WINS IN THE MARKETPLACE".


Full Stop.

Inside your member platform you will find the Marketing Success Education Center which contains EASY TO USE and understand resources, video tutorials, reports, strategies, IN DEPTH analysis, "HOW TO" resources, planning tools,  about almost every facet of marketing your business in 2020 and beyond-both online and offline-for B2C and B2B. Including staff training materials, even technical resources. administrative and motivational resources for you and your staff.

You will likely find concepts and resources you NEVER EVEN KNEW EXISTED.

Our education center is always UP TO DATE.


Do you TRULY want to be successful?

Then our education center is one of the keys to doing just that.

And it's ALL YOURS as an NSBMA Association member. 

Our Educational Center Covers All FACETS OF:

Internet marketing, Local marketing, Regional marketing, National marketing, Traditional OFFLINE marketing, Website marketing, Mobile marketing, SMS marketing, Telemarketing, Funnel marketing, Retargeting marketing, Ecommerce marketing, Geo targeting marketing, CRM marketing and management, Copywriting, Video marketing, Email list marketing and acquisition marketing, Cable Advertising marketing, Inhouse marketing, Executive Class marketing, B2B and B2C marketing, DATA and ANALYTICS, Conversion analysis, Social Media Marketing, SEO marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, SERP, Reputation marketing, Citation marketing, Customer closing techniques, SALES techniques and MASTERY, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.......................... 

Now as NSBMA association member you can access our"ASK M.O.M." Live Chat Service 24/7 365 day a year INSIDE the Members Benefits Platform. 


At the TOUCH OF A BUTTON you can ask one of our staff marketing experts virtually any marketing or sales or advertising question that you need an answer to:

Best Strategies

"How Do I?" Questions


Get Expert Opinions

B2B questions

B2C Questions

Small Questions

BIG Questions

Just Imagine...

A business association that DIDN'T only offer "discounted networking luncheons" or their magazine for YOU to advertise in.........

 Imagine instead:

A PROACTIVE MODERN-NEW GENERATION Of Business Association  that actually and ONLY focused on giving it's members access to virtually all of the

Marketing Resources-Services-Tools-Education AND Direct Help they could

ever need AND gave it for FAR FAR LESS than what everyone else in the world has to pay.......

NOW THAT would be revolutionary.

Welcome To The Revolution.


Your answer will come from an staff marketing and sales

expert at the NSBMA.

And it's 100% FREE for association members!

Association Benefits Snapshot

To Celebrate Our Aug 1st, 2020 Launch And In Response To The Covid 19 Crisis: We Are Giving Away 300 FREE FOR LIFE

Full Access Association Memberships-

NO Monthly Dues Required...EVER!

                                  NO Credit Card Required.


Get Your FREE Membership Today.

Limited # Available So Get Yours Now.


Click The Button Below And Fill Out Our Short Free

For Life Membership Application!

Don't Wait-First Come First Served.


In Response To The Covid 19 Crisis: We Are Giving Away 300 FREE Full Access Association Memberships-NO Monthly Dues Required-

NO Credit Card Required.

Get Your FREE Membership Today.

National Small Business Marketing Association (2020)

Just Look At What We Help Our Association Members With:

"Our Members Save Up To 85% Off Of Of  What Everyone Else In The World Has to Pay For Critical Done For You

Marketing Services & Cutting Edge DIY Tools..

  • Not To Mention Incredible 100% FREE Resources Added Each Month....

  • And LIVE On Demand Expert Help.

  • And So Much More!"

Social Media Resources


Local Marketing

Marketing Education


SMS Marketing

Web Development


Live Expert Help

Offline Marketing

New Strategies


Web Tech

Email Marketing

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle


Hosting Security

Web Marketing

Display Advertising

DIY Tools

DFY Marketing Services

Retargeting Marketing

Lead Generation

Reputation Marketing

High Response Tools

Business Services

B2B & B2C

Funnel Marketing

Offline Marketing

Direct Mail

Sales Techniques

For A VERY Limited Time Only:

A 100%




Professional Woman's Portrait

To Celebrate Our Aug 1st, 2020 Launch And In Response To The Covid 19 Crisis:

We Are Giving Away 300 FREE FOR LIFE

Full Access Association Memberships-

NO Monthly Dues Required...EVER!

                                  NO Credit Card Required.


Get Your FREE Membership Today.

Limited # Available So Get Yours Now.


Click The Button Below And Fill Out Our Short Free

For Life Membership Application!

Don't Wait-First Come First Served.


What's New At



In addition to the HUGE variety of Services-

Tools & Resources That We Have For Our

Association Members,


Image by Adam Jang

Upcoming Member Webinars

In July/August!

FREE For Association Members

Upcoming Events

The TOP 10 Marketing Services/Tools For MASSIVE Growth (1)
FEARLESS MARKETING In A Market Full Of Fear! (1)
Member Benefits Overview! (1)
Click To See What We'll Cover!

Join The NSBMA Today

For A Limited Period Of Time You Can Get A 100% FREE FOR LIFE Association Membership-NO Monthly Dues-FULL ACCESS. 


National Small Business Marketing Association

"Your're Going To LOVE What We Can Do For Your Business!"


Phone: Toll Free 855-248-5757

Association Headquarters
1317 Edgewater Dr #1373
Orlando, FL 32804 

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